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Operation Just Cause Yellow Ribbon Campaign

After you adopt your POW/MIA, if you wish to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, please do the following.

1. Purchase a roll of wide yellow ribbon, a roll of 1/4" yellow ribbon and a card of straight pins. (See item 6 below first!)

2. Dedicate a tree in your front yard to your adopted MIA and mark it with the wide yellow ribbon. (If you live in an apartment, dedicate a window or get permission to dedicate a tree in a local park.) Then get each of your neighbors (or as many of them as you can) to do likewise.

3. Contact the principal of the local middle or grammar schools (or nurseries or day cares) and see if they will dedicate a tree on their grounds. Do the same with veteran organizations, local churches, businesses, unions, scout troops, garden clubs...any where people get together.

4. Contact your local music radio station and request "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" be dedicated to your MIA and give the date of loss.

5. Cut the 1/4" yellow ribbon into pieces 2 inches long, fold them into lapel ribbons (see attached) and secure them with a straight pin. Make as many as you can and carry them with you wherever you go. If you work at a desk or table, place several in a dish and leave them in view. When people ask what they are for, tell them and offer them one to wear.

6.  NEW! Additionally, it works extremely well to add a thinner black ribbon to the yellow one.  This gives true distinction to the OJC Ribbon Campaign as opposed to other causes that also use the yuellow ribbon.  Make it as in 5 (above) but add a 1/8" black ribbon to it.

7.  The ribbon sizes may be enlarged for display in trees or at distances.  The original size works very well for lapel pins, especially if you add a POW/MIA pin to the center of it.  Pins can be found through many Veteran's organizations.  Online they are available at:


Address & phone number for free catalog

In order to track the effectiveness of this campaign, it is essential to keep a running record of the level of participation.

Please remember to report your stats, (i.e.,  the number and location of trees dedicated, the number of lapel ribbons distributed, the number of businesses, organizations etc. recruited) to the appropriate campaign coordinator:

Businesses, schools, organizations recruited go to Group

Stats on Trees dedicated to POWs go to Trees

Stats on Lapel Rippons distributed go to Lapel Pins

The rationale here is simple. Sooner or later, the media and the "Inside the Beltway Crowd" are going to start wondering what all the yellow ribbons are about.

And when they ask you, make sure you tell them!

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