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The military has a tradition whereby they do not leave men on the battlefield. Politicians have another traditon. Political expedience. They do, indeed, leave men on the battlefield with the stroke of a pen and there are people who wear the uniform dedicated to obfuscating the truth. They earn their livings lying to the general public. They salute the flag and they betray it every day under the color of authority. They hide documentation in the National Archives, interview eyewitness to shoot downs again and again and again until that eyewitness omits that piece of evidence that they don't want you to see.

Live Sighting Report after Live Sighting Report has been debunked by people who swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Yet if a witness claims that an aircraft blew up and disintegrated, with no chance of ejection, then the case is closed, the witnessed thanked, not re-interviewed, not polygrpahed, not rediculed in a Senate Chamber. Another US Servicemember is buried in an empty coffin.

Forensic evidence that would not hold up to scrutiny in any state court is submitted as proof positive that our father, son, brother , uncle or cousin died in the incident. That our mother, daughter, sister, aunt did not survive. Pieces of a single tooth is identified using dental records. Not even a hole tooth, but pieces of a tooth found at a crash site 30, 40 or 60 years ago; without regard of the circumstances, without considering that if the plane crashed, perhaps someone lost a tooth.

Our government would have you believe that the NSA listening devices that picked up enemy transmissions about a capture, on a day when we lost a single aircraft, was not about that aircraft, but, rather, the NSA was listening to a convoy that had gotten lost in their own back yard and were talking about a capture several days beforehand. And eight more men are accounted for.

The very agency tasked with accounting for our men has admitted to Congress that they never had, and still do not have, the escape and evade codes given to pilots to use in the event of their capture whereby they had no other means to communicate. Using their SERE training to use the landscape in such a way to avoid detection from the ground, the agency tasked with accounting for these men use the words shadows and anomolies to explain how a code that matches 100% to a downed pilot appeared outside a known prison.

Evidence that this happend are contained in these pages. Begin your education by spending time at these pages. Use the menubar above to start perusing. Ask your Representatives questions and don't stand for a canned answer; make them do the research. They work for you. Demand that they return our forgotten families who still serve their nation, waiting for us to come. When you take someone to a dance, you are expected to damn well bring them home. There are those who still wait to be brought home. It's the right thing to do.

They belong walking on or planted in American Soil, nothing less!

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