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Book Review

Leading The Way, Al SantoliLeading the Way
How Vietnam Veterans
Rebuilt the US Military:
An Oral History
Al Santoli
Ballantine Books, New York
div. of Random House
ISBN 0-345-37498-3
Copyright © 1993, Al Santoli

A Congressional aid to two US Representatives, former Vietnam Veteran Al Santoli has done an excellent job in proving that the Vietnam Veteran was instrumental in rebuilding the US Military.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is good reading, enjoyable for a change while attesting to the fact that it was Vietnam Veteran's that rebuilt the US Armed Forces into what they are today. Every military success that we have garnered since Vietnam is due to these veterans. The book takes you through the careers of several men from different branches of the service; from their time in Vietnam to the Gulf War. But it does so on each of the men that it follows through a timeline. You get to know them then and you get to know them now.

Whether or not Santoli meant to, there is some interesting POW/MIA information contained in this book as well. Pay specific attention to Lt. Col. Andrew Gembara's narrative when he was attached to the 500-525th MI in Saigon in 1975.

This is a must read for anyone who enjoys military stories; for anyone who enjoys history; for military historians and strategists as well as for anyone who just wants to feel good! Al did a tremendous job and I urge each of you to purchase this book!

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