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What is Operation Just Cause?
Operation Just Cause is a non funded assembly of persons from around the world, united in their desire to achieve the fullest possible accounting of Americans missing and unaccounted during the Vietnam war and all wars. 2. The objective of Operation Just Cause is for individuals to adopt an unaccounted for American and work within the law to obtain that accounting from the governments of the United States, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and the former USSR. 3. In order to achieve that accounting, Operation Just Cause members communicate with elected officials in the US and abroad, urging that they use their influence to insure:

Immediate and thorough investigation of all reports of Live Sightings of American Prisoners in SE Asia and the Liberation of any surviving POWs still in captivity;

Recovery, positive identification, and return to American soil of the remains of personnel classified as Missing In Action.

When remains are recovered, full disclosure of where they were recovered and when.

Members of Operation Just Cause do not solicit contributions and each member funds her/his own efforts to promote awareness of the POW/MIA issue. To that end, Operation Just Cause has developed Net Operations. This is comprised of an on-line adoption program, a ring, an on-line newsletter (currently unavailable), and a site development program to assist like-minded people in 'building' individual sites around the world to facilitate these goals.

Col. Ted Guy, Remembered

Operation Iraqi Freedom POW/MIA !

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