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Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Jim Bourke, Melbourne, Australia. In 1968 I served in 212 Company, 1st Battalion, II Corps Mobile Strike Force (MSF) from late Aug 68 to early Jan 69 while a menber of the Australian Army, attached to 5th Special Forces Group Vietnam. I also served with 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR), as part of your 173rd Airborne Brigade in 1965, operating out of Bien Hoa. About two years ago I commenced researching the operations of the 1st Battalion of II Corps MSF and, while studying the one carried out from 16th to 27 May 1969 in the BEN HET area, I noted that the body of SFC Anastacio Montez had not been recovered. Montez was killed on the evening of the 24 May 69. In conjunction with some other members of the MSF I have been working towards determining the location of his remains and have sent two reports to your DPMO of which they were most appreciative. I have recently started researching the six Australians who were left in Vietnam, bodies not recovered. Two of these were lost while 1 RAR was with 173rd Abn Bde. I have set up a web site at http://austmia.com to assist with this project which we have named OPERATION AUSSIES HOME. The purpose of the site is to collect information from all sources regarding the six Australian servicemen KIA during the Vietnam War whose bodies have not been recovered and to lobby the Australian government to take positive action to achieve full and definitive accounting for these men.

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