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Graphics as links to OJC
The following graphics are courtesy of a select few who wished to donate them to OJC. If you have or are thinking of adopting a POW/MIA please help yourself to the following graphics with our thanks. These also may be used if you have a Military related or patriotic website.

NOTE: These graphics are COPYRIGHTED by their authors and MAY NOT be used in anyone's archives nor may they be published or used in any commercial endeavor without the permission of the author.

Do NOT link to the graphics on this site. Download them to your own computer and upload them to your own server.

Lastly, for more graphics please visit the listed sites. Only POW/MIA graphics will be found on this site to help assist with the creation of POW/MIA pages. There are many more graphics and/or backgrounds at the sites listed below. Also don't forget your net etiquette, be sure to give a credit and a thank you on your site for the use of the backgrounds and graphics.
A link to the author's site(s) is appropriate.

Click on the Author's name for graphics here at OJC.

Bracelet Graphics: NEW!  Another free service offered by Operation Just Cause and our dedicated staff!
Order your virtual bracelet FREE!

Ready made bracelets!   You should check out a staff member's virtual bracelets at: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Base/2230/bracelets.html.

The above site has links to the one below as the owner has been ill and is focusing on regaining her health.  When she is back on her feet, we will change the link back.  Thank you.

If you don't find the one you are looking for, send her an email and she'll get it made for you.

Another staff member offers bracelets as well. Here is the URL:

Site and email:
URL:  http://www.psouth.net/~debbyp/graphics.htm
Email: debbyp@psouth.net

New graphics March 1, 1999!
Site and email:
URL:  http://www.p-o-w.com
Email: raptor@p-o-w.com

Site and email:
URL: http://geckocountry.com/milgraphics.htm
EMAIL:  Doc@geckocountry.com

Site and email:
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/art/Dovesong/
Email: Dove.Song@Angelfire.com

Site and email:
URL:  http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/9787/maingraf.html
Email: sterrib@mail.datasys.net

Site and email:
URL:  http://www.execpc.com/~kfrank/
Email: kfrank@execpc.com

Lady Blue

Nomad Queen
Site and email:
URL:  http://www.widowsweb.com/
MAIL: nomad@widowsweb.com

Ron Fleischer
Site and email:
URL:  http://www.verinet.com/~rwf/gi/gi2.html
EMAIL: rwf@verinet.com


Site and email:
URL:  http://www.windyweb.com/design/gallery/patriotic/patriotic.htm
EMAIL: windy@windyweb.com

Site and email:
URL:  http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/5691/index.html

Miscellaneous Graphics
Debby | Dennis| Doc | Dovesong | Joni | Karen | Lady Blue | Nomad Queen | Ron | Slane | Windy | Wishmaker | Misc. Graphics

This is the new Member background graphic.  The actual size is 1024 wide * 100 high. (Pixels)

It is shown to scale at 512 * 50.  It does NOT have a border but is shown with one so the edge will appear.  You are welcome to use this graphic on your page(s).

Use of the background without the "Member" text is reserved for use at Operation Just Cause.

There is also a button available for use without the "Member" text for use as a link back to OJC.
Again, there is no actual border.

Have a graphic to contribute? Please send it to the Graphics Coordinator for consideration to be added to this site.  Please remember that size is important.  As ling as clarity is maintained, smaller is better.

Thanks to Debby, Dennis, Doc, Hollie, Joni, Karen, Nomad Queen, Ron Fleischer, Slane, Windy, Wishmaker, and all those who have contributed,  for allowing us to post their wonderful graphics on this site. Don't forget to visit these sites for many more patriotic graphics and backgrounds.

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