Tapes of previous shows

In the past, we've conducted live telephone interviews with some of the most notable and respected authorities on the issues that mean something to you.
We've brought former POWs Captain "Red" McDaniel and Colonel Ted Guy as well as Monica Jensen-Stevenson, author of "Kiss The Boys Goodbye and "Spite House" into your living rooms, automobiles and 4X4s .

If you missed all or part of any of these exciting programs, or if you would just like to hear them again, tapes of all past shows are available and they are excellent for playing at organizational meetings. The cost for a two hour tape is $10.00 and every cent goes right back into the program.

POW/MIA Freedom Radio is "Listener Supported" through the sale of tapes of previous broadcasts. Neither the producer nor the host are compensated in any way for their time or effort. Our intention is to make a difference...not a profit.

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