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Welcome to OJC's Communication Central.
Affectionately (or otherwise) called:

Comm Central
Here you can tell us how we are doing, what you like, what you don't like (go figure), and what you would like to see in the future.

We also have a form for submitting your preferences on what mail, if any, you want OJC to send you.

And when you have something to tell us or have questions to ask, we have a form for that, too, along with email addresses for virtually every function performed here at Operation Just Cause.

We suppose the first thing to clear up should be who we are.   Our goals are listed on our main menu page; the place we call Home.  They are simple and straight forward.  (We make every attempt to communicate in the same way.)   We are OJC.  We are OpJustCause.  We are Operation Just Cause.  Each name has come into its own for some of us.  So pick the one(s) you like.  That is pretty much how we work here.

Those are probably the hardest things to learn when folks start helping out at OJC.  To keep it simple, be straight-forward in the way you communicate with others, stay relaxed and, yes, it IS all right to smile and laugh.  Sometimes we really need a good chuckle to lighten the load.  Because what we are about is dead serious work.  Lives are at stake.  Freedom for abandoned heroes is at stake.  Honor is at stake.

Rules:  Please read instructions AND follow them.   No point in making more work for someone else when a little "attention to detail" will suffice, right?   When we post Npimmwfse next to something it refers to the underlined phrase above.  Other than keeping correspondence both profanity and abuse free, these are the only "Rules" you'll find on this page.  But beware, we have folks answering forms and email that would just love to point out this rule with a Npimmwfse alert notice.  And, please don't be the one who asks, "What does Npimmwfse mean".  Don't say we didn't warn you!


1. Email preferences form.

2. Resources available for communication with OJC, members, and interested persons.

3. Other email (For those who prefer email over forms and those who cannot use forms).

1.  Email preferences
E-mail Address:
Real Name:
Nick Name:
( City and State/Territory/Country )
What information are you interested in receiving?
Gunny's Updates
Gunny's Updates are generated solely by George "Gunny" Fallon, founder of OJC
NetOps Updates
NetOps updates are generated solely by a director of OJC InterNet Operations
URL Notices
URL notices are limited to major changes in URLs ( Example: Government Officials' e-mail address lists can no longer be accessed at rnc.org  [ TRUE! Check your links! ] )

Returned and Identified POW/MIA/KIA
Returned and Identified will be limited to those positively identified.

Nothing At All!
Choosing this will remove this email address from the database (after confirmation).
Is this an update?
No ( If you haven't filled out this form before, choose this option. )
Yes ( If you are changing your e-mail address or your choices, choose this option. )
If "Yes", please give us your old email address in the comments box if you are changing email addresses!

Are you willing to complete a short ( never more than 10 questions ) questionnaire periodically ( never more than quarterly )?
No Yes, provided my responses are used generically; no response is recorded as coming from me, individually.


( Please limit comments to e-mail related issues! )

Make sure you click "Send" only once.  Each time you click it, we get an email.

Thank you for submitting this information.

Specific data will not be used for any purpose other than determining what e-mail you wish to receive from Operation Just Cause.  Generic data, such as choices picked or location ( without using your name or e-mail address! ) may be used to assist OJC in developing a general profile of our membership.

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2. Resources already available.  These are links and brief descriptions of their intended function/purpose.

  • Listserver  The how-to's for receiving and sending email to the OJC List.
  • Ring Staff  Let ring staff know your site is ready.  PLEASE give them your site ID number!  It is the only number you were sent when you "Joined".  Clicking on this link will initiate a message in your email service that has the TO: , From: , and Subject Line filled in =-=-= But it still needs your site ID number!  It is MUCH easier for you to look up.  You only have the 1 number, we have over a thousand. Npimmwfse!
  • IRC  OJC Chat via IRC.  This is an unmoderated area, so please be nice!
  • OJC Message Board  An ON-site message board / bulletin board.  Originally the "Tell Gunny to Get Some Rest" link.  It is being made over into a threaded discussion area that does not expire.  We will extract queries/responses from this area (as well as questions received via email and questions posted to the OFF-site message board) for our FAQ pages (No, there aren't currently any FAQ pages.  Did we just hear a volunteer step boldly forward?)  FYI:  This page uses SSI (Server Side Includes) so it may not be viewable/usable by everyone, depending on your browser setting.

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3.  Other email (For anyone who prefers email over forms and those who cannot use forms).

When you click on one of these links it should start an email in whatever email program you are using. The link will fill in the "To:"  and "Subject:" lines.  Your email program will fill in your email address.  (At least that's the plan!)
It may not bring your email window forward so you may need to make it your active window (this is for Windows users).
Write your questions or comments or concerns and send the email.

Adoptions, Personal Adoptions, Group Build a Remembrance Page
Graphics HTML
We do not offer JAVA or 
JAVAScript help
General inquiries
Music NetOps
Administration, Webmaster
Remembrance Award
Getting information about the POW/MIA issues.
Site Fights
Getting help with competitions
Questions, concerns
Yellow Ribbon

Report your activities

Bad Link Report
Remember, the above are email links, not page links!

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Thank you for your interest in Operation Just Cause.  If you are considering getting involved, we urge you to do so.  It will only cost you some postage (to send those letters to your elected officials regularly) and some time (as much as you want to spend).  The rewards are simple.  You will be helping us do something that needs to be done.  We need a full and honest accounting of all our POW/MIA.  We need to ensure that men and women are never abandoned again.  We need to restore honor and trust in this grand country of ours.  Patriotism isn't dead.  It is just sleeping.  Let's sound the wake up call!
For those of you who have already made the decision to help, thank you for being involved.  We can't get there from here without you!

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