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Begin to Build Your Webpage

Writing The HTML Programing for Your OJC Page POW/MIA Wall almost half finishedFor more help on learning the HTML programming language, you can join the HTML Writers Guild. These people have a large organization of people and resources devoted to teaching people to write solid web pages. They also have numerous mailinglists you can join, and a great website which has a large amount of information on it.

In addition to the HWG there are many tutorials out on the net which will teach you the basics of putting together a website or a simple page. A few of these can be found at:

Create Your Own Webpage - A thourough and well done site.

A brief well written tutorial - Takes you through building a basic webpage step by step.

Another Beginners Tutorial - Nicely done, easy to understand.

Richies List Of HTML Tutorials - A list of five more tutorials.

The Webmaster's HTML Tutorials - Well laid out and well done.

Finally, there are plenty of great programs out there that will allow you to use a graphical user interface (GUI) which is similar to a word processor and do all your coding for you.  Some are shareware, some are commercial and the prices can range from free to over one hundred. These programs take the drudge out of learning HTML tags, and let you concentrate on creativity and artistry, rather than the behind the scenes dullness of coding.

Special OJC HTML Help Program:
POW/MIA Wall almost half finishedIf, after trying the above, you find yourself unable to build the page you wish to build for Operation Just Cause, you may feel free to enroll in our OJC HTML Tutoring Program.

A few of our members have agreed to take it upon themselves to help those who find HTML challenging by giving of their own time FREE OF CHARGE to enable you to build a tribute to your POW/MIA.

We want to stress that this program is only available to those of you who are making a page for Operation Just Cause, and that you will NEVER be charged for it. (Please contact the OJC staff if anyone tries to charge you as this is NOT an option for them.)

To enroll in the program please contact HTML Team and explain in detail what you are trying to do, and where you are having a problem. Include a copy of the html and the URL of the site you are working on if you have it. Time permitting they will get back to you with an answer or other guidance.

Finding a home for Your OJC Page POW/MIA Wall almost half finishedThe tips on this site will be pretty useless unless you have a place to house your page. Most people who have a PPP account are given webspace as well, but some are not. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if you already have a few megabytes of space set aside for web usage.

If you do not have web space already, all is certainly not lost! There are several companies out there who are willing to give you some FREE webspace. They do this for many reasons, many want to expose people that happen by your site to advertising, they will insist you include certain things on your pages which will assure their advertisers of exposure. Others do it for more magnanimous reasons.

Sometimes these sites have questionable reliability when compared to the better ISPs, but hey its hard to complain when it is FREE. Anyway, you can get enough space to put up a nice OJC Remembrance page.

(Please Note: This list is provided only as a service to our readers and does not imply any sort of recommendation or suggestion of use. Please check carefully the terms and conditions required to use these sites. We do no guarantee that they are now, or will remain free of any fee's, terms, conditions or other considerations. Use at your own risk. Links do not imply any sort of endorsement.)

Web Site Providers

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