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Welcome to the Operation Just Cause
First Time Builders Page!

The purpose of these pages is to give those of you who are new to making Operation Just Cause Remembrance Pages a little help in getting started. Nothing on this page should be considered a prerequisite or a rule for membership in the organization or in the ring. The purpose of this page is to give those who are just getting started a place to turn for general information and, more importantly, pointers to sources of help and information on building their remembrance pages.

We also offer membership in the OJC ring.  This isn't for everyone though.  There are guidelines that must be followed.  If you are interested, check it out before you make a remembrance page:  OJC Ring

The following seven steps are suggested for building an OJC website. We hope these steps will be helpful to you. If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask any of the Operation Just Cause staff members.

We have building an OJC webpage broken down into seven easy Steps. You may either read through the page as a whole or simply click on the links below to skip directly to that part of this page.

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Animated Brick Wall

Step One - Lay A Good Foundation
Step Two - Research Your Adoptee a Little
Step Three - Begin To Build Your Web Page
Step Four - Add Some Interesting Links
Step Five - Drop In Some Artwork
Step Six - Incorporate The Webring HTML
Step Seven - Final Polishing
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POW/MIA Brick Wall 2 layers of bricks in place

Step One

Lay A Good Foundation

The first step of making an OJC website is to Adopt a missing serviceman. Simply go to the OJC Adoption Page, fill out the form, and within a few days you will be mailed a bio for one of the men still missing in Vietnam.

Next visit the ring page, and look over the page creation guidelines. There aren't many rules, just enough to keep us organized and eliminate commercial exploitation. If you have any questions about the guidelines or about the ring itself, feel free to contact us.

POW MIA Brick Wall Starting to take shape 1/4 done

Step Two

Do A Little More Research

The best remembrance pages are those which incorporate a little extra and put a human face on the man who you are talking about. Pictures of the adoptee, unit patches, and any other appropriate personalization add a great deal to the human interest your page will generate.

There are many places on the web where you can get more information, from search engines to casualty search sites such as the No-Quarter Vietnam Wall Search page.

You can also do your own research offline. There are a few hints on searching available to you by selecting this link.

POW/MIA Brick Wall almost half finished

Step Three

Begin to Build Your Webpage

It is way beyond the goal of this webpage to teach the language of writing webpages using HTML. The HTML Writers Guild offers lots of resources to help with this. You can also ask members of the OJC staff for help if you need it. In addition there are several programs out there that can almost build your pages for you. 

For you die hard do-it-yourself types, follow this link for a short list of tutorials on html.

All of this presupposes that you actually have a place to put a webpage. If you do not, then you may be able to get free space to put a webpage from any of these organizations.

POW/MIA brick Wall a little over 1/2 Finished

Step Four

Make Some Useful Links

One of the real positive things about the WWW is that you can link resources together. The OJC pages are no exception!

Take a couple of days, and explore the ring and the web and make links to other interesting pages that you find which are related to this issue. We of course suggest you link back to OJC sign up resources, but feel free to link to any number of other places.

POW/MIA Brick Wall Nearly Complete

Step Five

Add Some Artwork & Audio

The beauty of the World Wide Web is that it can disseminate huge amounts of information quickly. Sadly however most 'websurfers' are looking for more than a textual experience.. To that end you will probably want to add some graphics and/or some audio to your website.

When using graphics or audio please make sure they are legally yours to use. Do not use copywritten items which are not offered by the author for use. This includes scanning photos or artwork from publications. The last thing you need is a copyright lawsuit. Also its imperative that you give credit and a link to anyone who you have used graphics or audio from.

POW/MIA Brick Wall Finished

Step Six

Incorporate The Ring HTML

Once you have all of the rest of the page made, its time to decide if you want to join the OJC webring. If you choose to join the ring you will need to incorporate some special html for the ring to operate... Return to Ring Page and use the form on the Ring Page to request access to the ring. Be prepared to give your URL and your Email address. In short order you will be mailed the HTML coding for your place on the ring.

Within a few days, an inspection will be made of your page, and you will be sent confirmation that you have been included in the OJC Webring!

You're almost done!

3D Looking POW/MIA Symbol
Step Seven
Finishing touches
Polish Your Project

Now it is time to add some dimension and intrinsic value to your project! Operation Just Cause is all about persuading our elected officials to DO something about those who are unaccounted for. We are not just about webpages. :-)

Your project is really not truly complete until you have written your President, your Senators, and your Representatives in congress asking them for a full and total accounting of your adopted POW/MIA.

The link below will give you direct email access to these individuals.

The Official Addresses

Some people even post the letters that they mailed their elected officials and the responses to those letters.

One last thing, When your page is complete, please send a message to mailroom@ojc.org telling us that you finished and letting us know the web address where it resides. This will allow the OJC staff to update their records to include your site.

That's It!

Thank you very much for your interest in Operation Just Cause and the POW/MIA issue. Hopefully if you have completed the steps above you will be pleased with the results. We very much appreciate your efforts and the time you have taken to help spread the word about this important issue.

In closing, if you need further help or information maybe one of the following links will help you. The OJC Main Menu (formerly called the Swithcboard) is the primary resource for those involved in this organization.

Visit Comm Central to find out how to contact other members or any of the staff.

The OJC Yellow Ribbon Campaign is also open to you if you are interested in going a step beyond and really get involved on a personal and local level with this issue.

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