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OJC Banners / Graphics

The graphics below are the current suggested banners and graphics for linking to Operation Just Cause in general.  If you wish to have a link directly to Adoptions, Moonduster Chronicles (our newsletter), or the OJC Ring, please use the graphics for them from the main page.  If you have been using other graphics to link to us, you do NOT need to change them as long as they are appropriate.

The graphics below do not have borders.  Some are larger than necessary.  You can add a border that will match your page colors / textures.  You can also resize them to fit an area on your page without losing clarity if you are downsizing. You should maintain the aspect ratio or stay close to it on graphics that are more than text.

Examples of borders and resizing are at the bottom of the page.  Remember to resize the graphic (save it as the smaller image and upload that to your site) if you downsize it so that it will load faster.  These examples are not resized as they were already in your browser's cache.  This saves reloading new graphics.

As always, you should never use the copy of the image located at someone else's site.  Always download a copy (with permission) and upload it to your site.  Please give credit for graphics when you use those of others.

These particular graphics were created for OJC by Dennis Johnson.  They may be freely used, as is, or resized.  Use of portions of the graphics for any purposes is NOT authorized, i.e., the eagles should not be cut and used elsewhere..  All rights remain with the author.


The border color of the graphics above was set by the HTML code which sets the
link color.  Unless your site visitor has personal settings over-riding the HTML,
the colors set in the code are used.  The above are red bordered when you
haven't visited that link.  Click on any of them and it will take you to our main
page.  Click on your browser's "Back" button to come back.  Now the borders
will be blue because that is the color set in the HTML for visited links.

The link colors do not apply to the 2 graphics below because they are
inside tables, which over-ride the default settings when the table is nearly
the same size as the graphic.
The above uses a table to create a different effect.


The above example looks like a framed, matted graphic but is actually
a table within a table.  Look at the source HTML code on this page to see how it was done.

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The background graphic is for use only by and at Operation Just Cause.
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