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ADI Internships

The American Defense Institute, (ADI), a non-partisan, educational /defense- policy organization dedicated to the study, analysis and dissemination of national security and foreign policy issues, invites applicants for its Internship in National Defense Studies.  Selected applicants spend one semester in ADI's Washington office starting at the beginning of each semester (fall, spring, summer).  Interns will have the opportunity to conduct research on national defense issues, assist in Institute-sponsored programs, attend briefings, lectures, hearings on Capitol Hill, and develop an understanding of the importance of a strong national defense.

Internships are generally four days per week to accommodate the student's course requirements.  This internship is a non-paying position.  Internship application deadlines are:  spring semester - December 15th, summer semester - April 15th, and fall semester - July 15th.

Qualifications:  Applicants must be at the sophomore, junior or senior level enrolled in a college or university pursuing a course of study in one of the following areas: Political Science, History, International Relations, International Law or Economics.  Candidates should have a record of outstanding academic achievement, a strong desire to learn about how our national government functions, evidence of leadership potential, and a demonstrated interest in national security issues.

The purpose of the ADI Internship in National Defense Studies is fourfold:

1.  To expose college students to the policymaking environment in Washington, DC, and to national security and foreign policymakers.

2.  To provide students with the opportunity to undertake research in national security issues under the guidance of professional staff and with the advantage of Washington - based resources -- libraries, specialized databases, and interviews with policymakers.

3.  To provide an opportunity for responsible and significant service with an active Washington organization with expertise in security and foreign policy issues -- including the full range of tasks involved in the operation of such an organization.

4.  To broaden students' understanding for a strong national defense and encourage the development of leadership qualities and characteristics that are critical to the nation's future.

Among the tasks ADI interns are asked to perform :

1. Conduct research in one of the following major topical areas:                 
-Regional Security Issues: East Asia, Central America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Pacific Basin, South Asia.

-U.S. Strategy and Policy: defense budget, force structure, intelligence, maritime, nuclear, rapid deployment forces, chemical/biological weapons, air/land battle, weapons proliferation, terrorism, drug interdiction and eradication.

-Arms Control and Strategic Defense: START, CFE, MTCR, NPT, ABM, GPALS


-Russian/CIS Foreign and Military Police Developments: arms exports, advisors, weapons development, military budget, modernization, technology exports, force structure, military and economic intelligence.

2. Prepare articles and reports for ADI publications distributed to Congress, the Administration, the defense establishment, the news media, and ADI members nationwide.

3. Attend hearings and track legislative activity through congressional committees.

4. Perform miscellaneous administrative tasks.

1997 - 1998 Intern Remarks
"My semester here at ADI provided me with an insight into the important issues surrounding national security and defense that you cannot receive in a classroom.  It was a very rewarding experience and I want to thank the supporters of ADI for this opportunity to participate."    
-David Kraft, State University of New York at Brockport  (1997 spring intern)

"Without a doubt, ADI provided me with the best internship in Washington, DC.   Having met numerous interns over the summer, I saw that the experience here at the American Defense Institute is unique.  Truly a summer I won't forget!"  
  -Adam J. Marshal, University of Washington (1997 summer intern)

"My ADI internship showed me the direction I want my life to take.  I hope I can return to ADI one day and thank them for giving me my first chance at success."
-Julie Pignataro, University of California at Santa Barbara  (1997 summer intern)

"My time at ADI was among the best experiences I've had in college.  This is the best internship program in the Washington area....By treating their interns with a great deal of respect, ADI continues to maintain the high quality of work performed by their staff that had impressed me in the first place."
-Derrick Wetherell, Hofstra University (1997 fall intern)

"My internship at the American Defense Institute has been a very educational and beneficial experience...The knowledge I acquired has helped me tremendously in becoming more knowledgeable about strategies and defense issues... I also believe my position as an intern helped me to obtain an A in my college class and even more importantly, a position at System Planning Corporation as a researcher."
- Tripop Noiwan, George Mason University (1997 fall intern)

"The ADI internship for me was the best of both worlds here in Washington, DC.  I had the ability to see the workings and process of both the military and politics.  What makes ADI's internship program unique is that it is a learning opportunity for students based on personal freedom and individualistic specialization."
Brian King, Chapman University (1998 spring intern)

For more information send an email below to Bob Thompson, Director of Programs:

To apply, print out the following pages below, fill them out and submit them to ADI before the application deadlines.

    1.  Internship letter from Captain McDaniel

    2. Personal data form.

    3. Evaluation form.


Send mail to with questions or comments.

1055 N. Fairfax St., Suite 200

Alexandria, VA  22314 (703) 519-7000 Fax (703) 519-8627

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