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This page is offered as a short "how-to" page for setting your e-mail preferences in AOL so that you can receive e-mail from the outside world.  It is offered because of problems arising from AOL members adopting a POW/MIA yet not getting their adoption information.

Adoptions are handled through our site at:

We then research and acquire information and return it, via e-mail, to the requestor.  It is very frustrating for all concerned to be unable to deliver the information because of a setting in AOL.

To receive email from locations outside AOL, you have to do the following:

At the main menu screen, select Mail Center.

Then choose Mail Controls.

Next, select Set Up Mail Controls.

Now, select the Screen Name for whom you want to change settings.
(Yes, you DO have to change EACH one you want to have access to receiving email outside AOL!)

At Choose a setting: select Allow all e-mail.

Be aware that this screen name will now probably receive junk mail, unsolicited mail, unwanted mail from outside AOL (As opposed to the junk mail, unsolicited mail, unwanted mail coming from INSIDE AOL).   But it is not coming from OJC.

Thank you!

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