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Before you begin downloading ANY graphics to your page, please check the following.

Everybody likes to visit other sites.  So what happens when you go to a site and you don't see graphics, but just some tiny boxes where they should be?  You leave it, figuring it can't have much to say; it looks so unfinished.

Update! To be seen by everyone, your graphics must be either GIF format or JPG format. Using a file with an ART extension limits graphic viewing to those using the MS Internet Explorer browser! You want every visitor to be able to see your graphics! Otherwise they don't bother looking at your page(s)!

That is what happens when someone not using AOL goes to an AOL site.  It isn't anything you did wrong.  You aren't really to blame.  Right?

Right.  The browser supplied with AOL is a modified version of MSIE; MicroSoft Internet Explorer.  It comes as part of the package.  But there is one difference that can keep your site from being seen properly; graphics compression.

By default, graphics compression is turned on, so even if you save a file as eagle.jpg and I can view files in that format, I won't be able to see that graphic.

It will be in a compressed format that the rest of the internet world can't use.

So turn it off.  The space you might save on your hard drive by using compression will probably be used to store all the abusive email you will get if you don't.

Anyway, just turn it off.  We will show you EXACTLY how to do that.  But first, one final word of warning.  Turning off graphic compression will not fix the graphics you already have at your site; or have downloaded through AOL's Browser.  They were compressed and they still are.  To fix that you will have to either re-acquire the graphics or load them into a graphics program that will accept them and resave them.  We can't tell you which programs will work; there are too many to keep up with.  Your best bet is to catch the problem as early as you can and re-acquire, where possible.  Then tell an AOL friend so they will benefit.  And while you're at it, tell them about OJC.

Finally, turning off graphic compression.

Starting at the start. Click on the globe on your AOL Icon Action Bar.
It is between the newspaper and shopping cart.

This will bring up the browser.  Click on Prefs.

Now click on Web Graphics:

Now, look to see if the "Use compressed graphics box is checked.

If it is, click on the box to make the check mark disappear.

Now, click on both the Apply box, then the OK box.

Now, close the browser and sign-off AOL.  That will allow any file updating by AOL to take place.  You should always sign-off.  Otherwise, changes you make to your settings may not take effect.

Then sign back on and come back!  We'll be right here, ready to help.

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